By way of introduction…

We are a small family farm dedicated to producing “homegrown” chicken, beef, eggs, and produce to provide local families with a healthy alternative to commercially raised products. Located in Southern Alamance County, North Carolina, we have implemented sustainable practices to bring our farm back to the the way it was when my grandparents “lived off the land”. We are not certified “organic”, but we use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides to provide a healthy alternative to large-scale operations. Our pasture-raised chickens (antibiotic free and grown with no hormones or animal by-products) have been a favorite of many since we began marketing them in 2010.  Last year our lean pasture-raised Limousin beef became such an instant hit, we had  a hard time keeping most cuts in stock.  That problem should be mostly solved this year because we have more animals in the program.  Look for pastured pork this Fall.  We are having a great time as a family learning how the land will provide for our needs if we care for it properly.

Our four children are very active in all aspects of production, and are very excited about the upcoming growing season.  We have had a blast the past couple of years marketing our products through local Farmer’s Markets, by direct sales, and to local restaurants.

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